KenRidge Showcase

KenRidge Showcase

6-WEEK, 16L. KIT

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Australia Chardonnay

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

A full-bodied, rich and creamy Chardonnay with flavours of ripe apple, pineapple and tropical fruit. The addition of oak compliments the wine with complex characteristics including butter, oak, butterscotch and vanilla. Enjoy with chicken Kiev, rich cream sauces over pasta and white meats, smoked fish, lobster dipped in butter. Includes premium American oak.

Chilean Chardonnay

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

This Chilean Chardonnay is typical of this wine region with its medium-bodied character and lots of fruit. Fresh aromas and flavours of ripe melon and pear are balanced by delicate acidity and accented with a subtle hint of oak. Enjoy this wine young or if you prefer age for several months. A perfect pairing for succulent seafood dishes like lobster and grilled shrimp. Includes premium American regular and toasted oak.

France Sauvignon Blanc

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

A refreshing light to medium-bodied white wine with fresh herb, grass and delicate smoke on the nose with flavours of melon, green apple and mineral notes. Try this herbaceous wine with meals containing asparagus, salads and goat cheese. Includes premium American regular and toasted oak.

German Gewurztraminer

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 2*       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

Perfume notes of floral and spice are very typical of this varietal with plenty of tropical fruit on the palate. The touch of sweetness in the wine marries well with Asian dishes, spicy and Cajun flavoured fish and chicken, also try with salty appetizers. Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Dryness code (2) with Sweet Reserve.

German Müller-Thurgau

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 2       Alcohol Vol: 11.0

Müller-Thurgau, thought to be a cross between Riesling and Silvaner, was developed by Dr. Hermann Müller, who was born in the Swiss canton of Thurgau. This aromatic wine has fruity flavours of peach, apple, and pear, and a touch of floral, along with an off-dry, soft, smooth mouth-feel. Drink while young and fresh as a sipping wine or with roast chicken wraps, pan-fried fresh water fish, ham and Swiss on rye or lightly spiced grilled pork chops.

Italian Pinot Grigio

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

This wine is dry, crisp and fresh with a gentle floral bouquet. Subtle tropical fruit flavours are complimented by hints of spice. Light and elegant, this wine is perfect to enjoy with a meal or all on its own. Delicious with shellfish and lightly spiced chicken.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.5

A classic racy and flavourful New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with gentle aromas of fresh cut grass with gooseberry, asparagus, passion fruit, melon and citrus notes. Many of these aromas are carried through to the palate. Please enjoy this refreshing wine young. Fabulous with goat cheese, asparagus, summer salads and chicken with fresh herbs and lemon.

South African Chenin Blanc

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.5

Nearly a third of vines planted in South Africa are Chenin Blanc, where it is also called Steen. Chenin Blanc produces a wine that is a very pale straw colour boasting a nose of lemon-grass, melon and floral aromas with a slight kiss of honey. It is a dry, medium body white wine with crisp acidity and a clean citrus finish. A great accompaniment to lemon chicken, mango salad, lobster bisque; pork loin baked with apples in brandy.


California White Zinfandel

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 1*       Alcohol Vol: 12

California is the home base for classic Zinfandel. This light, semi-dry, refreshing ros version screams summer with its aromas and flavours of fresh strawberry, wild berry and white currant. Enjoy while young and fresh with tapas, spicy shrimp skewers, antipasto, Greek salads or homemade pizzas topped with feta cheese.


Australia Cabernet Sauvignon

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

Deep ruby colour with black currant, eucalyptus and cedar nose. A rich, full-bodied wine with silky tannins, ripe black fruit and oak. Excellent with wild game, steaks and roast beef. Also great with full flavoured pastas and aged firm cheeses. Includes premium American oak.

Australia Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 14.0

This oak aged, full-bodied red has velvety tannins and a rich mouth feel. The Cabernet offers up black currant, blackberry and a touch of eucalyptus notes, while the Shiraz provides ripe black fruits, cocoa and spice notes. The Merlot adds plum and cherry characteristics which soften and round out the mouth-feel. enjoy with marinated red meats, saucy barbecued ribs and beef brisket.

Australia Cabernet-Shiraz

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

A rich, full-bodied wine with ripe fruit such as plum and blackberry, a spicy nose and silky tannins complemented by toasted oak. Superb choice for beef tenderloin and spicy red meats. Includes premium American toasted oak and Elderberries.

Australia Shiraz

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.5

Big, dry and intense is the best way to describe this Australian red. The slightly spicy dry wine with white peppery bouquet has intense flavours of black currants, black berries and plums. Grilled pepper steak and beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon are excellent matches for this bold wine. Includes premium American oak.

California Shiraz Zinfandel

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.5

These warm climate grapes thrive in the California sunshine revealing big ripe fruit-forward flavours of; blackberry, brambleberry, dark plum and black cherry, perfectly accented by a touch of spice. This smooth, rich red wine can be served with barbecued red meats with marinades and sauces, or pulled pork on crusty buns, and beef or vegetarian stews.

Chile Cabernet Malbec Carmenere

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 13.5

The rich black fruits of Cabernet, along with the spice and full mouth-feel of the Malbec, and the smooth plumy fruit notes of the Carmenere showcase a perfect balance of flavour, texture and structure to this blend. Heat up the grill and enjoy with steaks, lamb chops and cheese burgers.

Chile Malbec

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

A hardy red wine with characteristics of blackberries, licorice and spices on the nose and the palate. Enjoy at release or age for several months. This bold red is a fantastic accompaniment to traditional beef stews and meat lovers pizza. Includes premium American toasted oak.

Chilean Merlot

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

A wonderfully soft, round wine with slightly sweet black berry fruit aromas and flavours. This wine has a lush rich texture and is nicely balanced. A great sipping wine that matches well with roasts and prime rib cooked to perfection. Includes premium American toasted oak.

France Cabernet Sauvignon

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.0

This small, thick-skinned grape is know as one of the top red wine grape varieties of the world and makes a serious red wine. Dark in colour and rich in tannin, this wine is brimming with blackcurrant and plum flavours. The richness of vanilla and cedarwood are produced with the addition of oak. This is a wine worthy of aging.

France Merlot

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.5

A medium-bodied wine with the rich juicy flavours of red berries, plum and black pepper. This wine is a great partner for lamb, roasts, hamburgers and pastas. Includes premium American regular and toasted oak

Italian Amarone

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 13.5

Almost black in colour and a nose of spice, tar and dried berries. Rich flavours of dried fruit and prunes typical of wines made from dried grapes. Robust pastas, braised meats and hearty beef stews pair well with this smooth wine. Includes premium Hungarian oak.

New Zealand Pinot Noir

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 13.0

An elegant, medium bodied red wine with good structure and understated tannins. Look for raspberry, sour cherry, red plum and earthy notes on the nose and a fabulously round finish. A very versatile food wine that is excellent paired with your favourite grilled seafood dish and also makes a great partner to roast pork, duck or goose. Includes premium-lightly toasted oak.

South African Cabernet Sauvignon

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 13

The hot South African sunshine consistently allows this classic grape variety to reach complete ripeness on the vines. Expect plenty of black currant and black pepper aromas and flavours with a touch of black licorice and mint. Enjoy with medium rare red meats, braised meats and winter stews.

South African Pinotage

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 13.0

In 1925, Abraham Izak Perold developed a grape variety by cross-pollinating Pinot Noir and Cinsaut(often called Hermitage). Today called Pinotage, this early ripening varietal produces a wine with a medium red to purple colour with aromas and flavours of plum, cherry, cassis, spice and red and black berries. By allowing this wine to age in the cellar for a short period of time it will develop some intriguing earthy, almost barnyard characteristics. Serve with medium to full flavoured foods such as meat pies, pork risotto, barbecued ribs, venison, ratatouille, red meats with light curry seasonings, rich bean soups, tuna, shark steaks, grilled burgers and prime rib.

Spanish Tempranillo

KenRidge Showcase      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 12.5

This Tempranillo boasts a deep plumy colour with characteristics of strawberry, spice, and fresh tobacco. A medium-bodied red wine with soft tannins. Great with filet mignon, grilled beef, pork or veal. Includes premium American regular and toasted oak.

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